Somewhat Strange Instruments I have Made



                  Trust me, he is very serious about his music – and his instruments!



This Page Contains Pictures of Some of the More Unusual Instruments I have Made. These Prove the Point That I Really Don’t Work From a Set of “Known Plans” When I Build Something… Nor do I Ever Really Build the Same Instrument Twice!

Soprano CanUke – (a rare sighting)

Great Looks....
Great Looks…. Not so Good Sound!


3 String CanTar

3 string "Can-Tar"
Not Likely to be Seen Again anytime Soon…


4 String Full Scale CanTar

4 string full scale "can-tar".
4 String Full Scale “Can-Tar”. Very Festive!


6 String Full Scale Double Cigar Box Rock Machine

6 string electric "double cigar box" guitar! This guitar has 2 single coil pickups and it plays beautifully. Proof positive that I really do make one-of-a-kind instruments!
They do not Get Much Stranger Than This!