Available Instruments

Please see the “What’s New” page. There might be something there that would catch your interest…

What’s New?

I’ll post pictures and descriptions of anything I may currently have available here from time-to-time.  There isn’t much available right now,  and I don’t expect to start any new builds until Spring of 2017.


I do, however, currently have a very cool cigar box guitar available: the unique “Hound Dog – Dog Dish Reso” (with pickup, set up for slide work). This instrument is meant to be played with a slide (the string height is high) in an “open tuning”.  


One Available – $250.00 plus shipping.




This link below is to a video that was made to showcase the 4 string Hound Dog – Dog Dish Reso Cigar Box Guitar I made, in addition to a brand new amp that I just finished.  I’ve dedicated it to a cousin of mine. For all you “acoustic instrument purists” out there, well, take my advice and skip this one…

It will get loud 😉 It’s pure “Roots” all the way!



I make instruments that I like – and that includes making them the way I like them. Which in many cases means using an actual cigar box as the body of the instrument. I have made numerous versions of “commonly known” instruments in that manner. Such as: 3 & 4 string guitars; 4 string bass guitars; numerous ukuleles of various sizes; Appalachian lap dulcimers; and a few other “creations” of my own.  Some I leave “acoustic” – others I amplify.  If I happen to make something that someone else also likes, well then that’s pretty cool… Something to share.

I’ve built a few “regular size” instruments as well.

I don’t build or repair them with the intent of making  a lot of money (I’ve yet to see how that could happen). As such, I don’t wish to view my work as a job. Nor do I wish to be under pressure to “meet” others standards for what I build.  Companies such as Martin, Gibson, Taylor, charge hundreds / thousands of dollars for their instruments. Expecting the same level of quality from one of my instruments will certainly be a recipe for disappointment.

Overall, the idea is quite simple, and can be summed up in one word:


That’s not meant to sound overly self-centered.

But, I intend to present my work as it is… and simply leave it at that.