And The People Said…

I’ve been really blessed to work with some amazingly nice people! Here’s some of their kind words in return – along with some compliments from others:

Comments from someone I greatly admire:

“Great looking build Will!
You’re really knocking them out of the park these days.
Keep up the good work.”

C. (Charles Atchison)


From Ron Brown:

Well my friend, it takes a Master’s Hand to create something this Incredible.”

From Marco:

“It plays like a new guitar!”


From Bob Warnke:

Will is a meticulous well versed Luthier.
He built a Cigar box ukulele to my specs.
It not only plays well, it looks really nice.
I’ve seen others on various sites on the net.
When comparing the one that Will built, mine is beautiful.
I asked for a few changes to fit my needs.
Will took care of it for me.
If you are looking for a really nice cigar box instrument Will is your guy.
He does not only build ukuleles but other instruments as well.
I have seen his guitars and lap dulcimers, You would be impressed.
Thanks Will


From Ron:

We are very appreciative for all the work you have done, most importantly being such a good friend whom I can count on in the future.


From “Boomer’s Dad”:

I got the urge to pick up my first bass guitar, something for me to play around with.I am left handed, but I did not want to spend a lot of money, so I bought a used RH starter bass guitar, I figured I would try it out. It turns out that I have been playing LH air guitar too long for me to be comfortable with playing a RH bass. I was telling Will about my dilemma and he asked if he could take a look at the guitar. He took the guitar, swapped it from RH to LH, cleaned the outside of the guitar, cleaned up and insulated the wiring on the inside of the guitar, and even added a little personal effect by adding a “peace” symbol and my initials to the top of the neck.He was also kind enough to offer a name for the bass, “Boomer” and I have lived happy ever after…


From Todd:

I had Will work on my Taylor 310ce, his workmanship is second to none. Will goes the extra steps to make sure he covers all the bases when it comes to an instrument. He likes to add personal touches to his work, something he does because of his attention to detail. I would use his service anytime my guitar needs TLC.


From Jay:

I could not be happier with my Cigar Box Guitar. I had never seen anything like it before and when I saw one in Will’s hands, I just had to have one.  Will took special care in constructing one that he felt spoke to me as an individual.  The workmanship is terrific and I am looking forward to the day when I hand it down to my son.  Will is a very talented man that lets the quality of the workmanship speak to him as an individual.  As a side note, he is a very wise man as well who is a spiritual leader of men.


From Brian:

Hello Will, the guitar is spot on! It’s not the same guitar!! It was quiet [ed. note: the “single coil” 60 cycle hum issue] before but now it’s silent. Awesome work Will!


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